Forums Open!


I recently discovered an amazing forum tool called Fully Modded phpBB. It’s truly an amazing forum with all of the features you would want. I plan to replace the unstable Extreme phpBB in the GoPenServer with this forum technology. So, my new forums are up and are branded with the new Gerfuls’s World logo (below). Click here to go to the forums. Enjoy!




Very, Very Sad…

I’ll get strait to it. Gerfultopia is closed! I decided my server was eatin’ up too much bandwidth, so I shut it down. I will still have Gerfuls’s World (obviously) but it’s going to be hosted by If you have any questions please email me at GoPenServer will now be my main focus. More news to come…

New Site

Gerfuls’s World is now hosted by More info on the way…….