Offering Services

I’m now offering (paid) services. GoPenServer Setup, Website Design, Logo Design, etc. If you have any other service you want (web-related) email me and I’ll give you a price.



New GoPenServer Logo & Box

I’ve designed a completely new logo for the GoPenServer. In this new design I’ve gotten rid of the globe and folder. I’ve kept the circle with gloss concept. I introduced a new short hand way of the GoPenServer name: GoPS. That’s pronounced “Gops” like cops with a “g.” Here is the new logo design:

The New GoPenServer Logo w/ Mirror

Pretty cool huh? I also just finished the new software box for the GoPenServer sporting the new logo:

The New GoPenServer Software Box

All of the new images are on the project website. Enjoy!


New Theme & Logo

Gerfuls’s World has been blessed like many others by the Garland Theme. I’m now going to be using this theme for my main blog theme. Please comment if you think it should be a different color. I’ve also designed a brand new logo for Gerfuls’s World. It’s the same as the TV logo, except it doesn’t have the big “TV” text on it. Do you like it?

Gerfus’s World Logo

I know, it’s amazing!

Happy Open Sourcing,