GoPenServer Toolbar Released

I’ve created a new toolbar for GoPenServer!! Go to to get it! Thank you Conduit!!


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Tied Up

This next month for me is going to very busy. The entire month of August I will be busy with a music program and creating a new Linux Distribution! Unless, anyone else wishes to help for the next month building GoPenServer updates, then don’t expect anything new!



who is now listening to: Maroon 5 – Goodnight Goodnight

Talk to Me

You can now call the Gerfuls’s World Hotline with any standard phone. It’s toll free but long distance calls may apply if your not in the Dallas, TX area. To call me just pickup your handy dandy phone and punch in 469-645-9197 to give me a ring. You can call the Gerfuls’s World Hotline if you need driving directions, want to know someone’s phone number (or who owns a certain phone number), need to know the words to a song (i guess…), the definition to a word (to prove you friends wrong), or any other information you may need on the fly that can be accesses through the internet. I guess you could also call for discussions on Open Source stuff and Ubuntu. Just CALL ME!!


P.S. Put it in your cell phone! (469-645-9197)

Forum Policy Updated

The Gerfuls’s World Forums have received many posts containing porn and spam lately which triggered me to write the new policy on posting, which makes it illegal to post such material.

See the full story at

New GoPenServer Logo & Box

I’ve designed a completely new logo for the GoPenServer. In this new design I’ve gotten rid of the globe and folder. I’ve kept the circle with gloss concept. I introduced a new short hand way of the GoPenServer name: GoPS. That’s pronounced “Gops” like cops with a “g.” Here is the new logo design:

The New GoPenServer Logo w/ Mirror

Pretty cool huh? I also just finished the new software box for the GoPenServer sporting the new logo:

The New GoPenServer Software Box

All of the new images are on the project website. Enjoy!


New Media

I’ve now added two new ways to get news and updates on Gerfuls’s World. The first is the all new Gerfuls’s Worldcast, a project news related podcast hosted by the sensational Mike Compy. To learn more go to the Podcast page use the links in the menu bar to the right to listen now! The second is Gerfuls’s World TV. Gerfuls’s World TV is going to offer multiple shows and other things. This TV Channel is made possible by the new Kyte site (haha that rhymes!). To learn more go to the TV page.


Possible Relocation

I might be moving Gerfuls’s World, again! I’ve been playing around with and open source PHP CMS system called “Joomla!”. Here is a preview of the possible new site. Tell me what you think. If you have any other suggestions of other CMS software or Joomla Themes, please email me at Thanks!