Offering Services

I’m now offering (paid) services. GoPenServer Setup, Website Design, Logo Design, etc. If you have any other service you want (web-related) email me and I’ll give you a price.



New Theme & Logo

Gerfuls’s World has been blessed like many others by the Garland Theme. I’m now going to be using this theme for my main blog theme. Please comment if you think it should be a different color. I’ve also designed a brand new logo for Gerfuls’s World. It’s the same as the TV logo, except it doesn’t have the big “TV” text on it. Do you like it?

Gerfus’s World Logo

I know, it’s amazing!

Happy Open Sourcing,


gWeb Redone

I decided after a couple of days of thinking about it that gWeb needs to be a easy to submit gFinds type site. So, instead of the former WordPress-based gWeb, I have moved the site over to a Pligg-based system. This social networking CMS is Web 2.0 compliant and is pretty nice. I also made some amazing logos for the new gWeb. To learn more about it go to the NEW & IMPROVED gWeb.

New Project: gWeb

I have started a brand new web project. It’s called gWeb. It’s meant to be a collective site for things you find on the web that you think are just amazing. Go to gWeb to learn more and post your first gFind.